Barbie Allegretti Functional Medicine Chicago

Dr. Barbie Allegretti, DC

Dr. Allegretti developed her holistic lifestyle through years of varied experience. At Illinois Urbana Champaign, she studied sport and tourism, where she later interned at a fitness facility in downtown Chicago. Barbie found out right away that she had a passion for helping her clients reach their goals, and saw that many weren’t getting there or were getting injured in the process. Seeing that many popular approaches weren’t effective or realistic, she made a personal quest of learning more about the human body’s demands and the lifestyle factors that stood in the way of optimal health. Barbie began training author Jen Lancaster, and was featured in her New York Times bestseller “Such a Pretty Fat.” The experience inspired her to take her whole body health beliefs to the next level with a specialized doctorate. She enrolled at National University of Health Sciences Chiropractic program earning a Doctorate of Chiropractic degree, Certification in Acupuncture, and continuing education in rehabilitation and nutritional studies. Barbie’s personal experience with nutrition transforming her health has led her to become an active member of the Community Supported Agriculture movement in Chicago, promoting local events, presenters, small businesses, and farms. Though her experience is varied, her clinical interests are bio-detoxification, female + pediatric health, and prevention and reversal of chronic disease with natural and nutritional interventions.


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