Dr. Ryan Dorough, DC

Ryan M. Dorough is a graduate of National University of Health Sciences. He obtained his degree in Human Biology at Michigan State University. Dr. Dorough has been practicing since 2009, the last 7 years in the North Suburbs of Chicago focusing on functional, physical and regenerative medicine.  He specializes in functional medicine and focuses on patient education. His goal is to help patients as simply and naturally as possible to achieve their goals.


What are you most passionate about professionally?

Helping patients understand the value of diet and nutrition and that a lot of systemic diseases can be prevented or reversed by focusing on these two key points.


My family. Married with 2 girls ages 2 and 5 and they are my world. I am a dad through and through and gladly put their priorities first.

What three traits define you?

Honest, kind, positive.

What would you do even if you didn’t get paid to do it?

Farm and garden.

What’s your biggest accomplishment?

Being a present dad and husband.

How does your education connect to your professional career?

Understanding how the body functions and being able to repair it to the best of my ability, and if I am unable to do that referring to someone else who I believe can.

What about personal experiences?

I have seen countless cases of patient’s able to reverse diabetes, get off or reduce medications, optimize hormone levels, lose weight and just feel better overall.

What problems do you consistently solve for your clients?

Blood sugar control and GI dysfunction.

What are you complimented on most in your work?

My ability to thoroughly listen.

Do you have any family members or pets to include in your bio?

Dog – Oliver and 17 Chickens who provide us with fresh eggs daily.

What do you do for fun in your spare time?

Gardening, carpentry, hiking with the family.



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