Preconception Planning with Functional Medicine


Laying the foundation for a healthy pregnancy starts long before the conception process. Getting your body into an optimal state that supports pregnancy can reduce challenges to conception and ensure that your little one has a healthy environment to develop throughout your pregnancy.


With Functional Medicine, we have a strong preventative focus and we ideally want to work with our patients – both men and women – on their health goals prior to or in the early stages of their preconception planning. Not to say we do not work with those who are already in their conception journey and may already be pregnant, but it is often times easier to avoid frustration if we start before preconception.


There are four main environments that affect fertility potential that can be addressed during the care of our Functional Medicine services:

  • Our actual environment (air, water)
  • Our internal environment (bacteria, toxins, infections, biochemicals)
  • Our intracellular environment (where food is absorbed and transported into cells for energy and DNA interactions)
  • Psycho-social aspect of life (beliefs, thoughts, history)


If you are interested in booking a Functional Medicine appointment with us, keep reading for what you should expect.

Preconception Planning topics that your Functional Medicine physician will likely discuss with you:

  • Reviewing exposure (smoke, second hand smoke, alcohol, chemicals in home, etc – according to, a baby is born with already 250 chemicals in their bloodstream).
  • Review job related hazards (example- shift workers have alterations in natural body clock called circadian rhythm and that affects hormones)
  • Review exercise program (often we actually see OVER exercise)
  • Target goals for caffeine use
  • Discussing safe sex (because infections can cause infertility) and understanding the menstrual cycle for optimal natural planning
  • Screening for major metabolic dysfunctions (such as: auto immune markers, subclinical thyroid imbalances, insulin resistance, need for detoxification, hormone balance, and nutrient deficiencies)
  • Nutrients required for conception
  • Design and support personalized dietary strategies for fertility and hormone balance (according to The Nurses Study II , the most effective strategies are: increased vegetable intake especially the green leafy vegetables, low glycemic carbs, high fiber, good healthy fats, and a prescribed quality multi vitamin).


About Kristen Halland, DC

Dr. Kristen Halland leads the Functional Medicine & Clinical Nutritional team at Aligned Modern Health’s Wheaton location. Dr. Halland’s goal is to help people feel their best and live life fully – by using natural treatment options first and always seeking the root cause of the health issue. She graduated from Palmer College (Davenport) as a Chiropractic Physician in 2010 and pursued a second board certification and Diplomat in Acupuncture, First Line Therapy certifications, and extensive continuing education in integrative nutrition and functional medicine. Dr. Halland has enjoyed what she calls an eclectic career, including partnering with local Dietetics schools as a rotation site for R.D. students, teaching Human Anatomy / Cadaver Lab at local nursing colleges and lecturing on continuing education topics to other healthcare providers.

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