"I have spent the last two years going to some of Chicago’s best dermatologists and allergists to try to find answers for my chronic sinusitis and atopic dermatitis.  None of them were able to offer me long-lasting relief from my symptoms.  Nor did they attempt to deeply understand what was going on.  At my wit’s end, I thought maybe a nutritionist would be able to guide me in the right direction.  I only wish I had thought of coming here sooner!"

"I feel very empowered knowing that true healing is possible with discipline and true understanding. "

"Dr. Gemelas (a.k.a. Dr. G) - After a few years of poor health and gut issues, I made a functional medicine & nutrition appointment with Dr. G. She was kind and thorough as we reviewed my patient questionnaire. She recommended a food sensitivity blood test and elimination diet (removal of gluten, dairy, grains, and etc) to help with stomach, skin, and respiratory issues. To this day, my husband says Dr. G is the only doctor that most accurately pinpointed my stomach issues and recommended a way for relief through nutrition."

"I first started working with Dr. Gemalas when I participated in the 21-Day Sugar Detox Group. I loved working with her so much, and felt great results that I decided to make an appointment with her. She developed a comprehensive plan of action around my food sensitivities and my vitamin deficiencies. She is very supportive throughout the process! My sleep, energy levels, and overall feeling of well-being have improved since beginning my work with her."

"My first experience with a chiropractor and it has been great. The entire staff is extremely professional and welcoming. The business itself is organized and clean.  They seem to have top of the line equipment and doctors. I always leave there feeling better but also I leave there with information to help decrease the pain for when I am not at an appointment. If I ever move I will be sad not to have Aligned in my life anymore."

"I walk by this place every day and thought it was simply a chiropractic office.  As it turns out they offer yoga and Pilates classes (some free!) as well as physical therapy.  I took a class last night with the adorable and magical Elizabeth.    She brought great energy to the class which was small and personal.  I really enjoyed the space and the class."

"I LOVE Aligned Modern Health. I've seen Dr. Gemelas for issues that I was having that continued to be undiagnosed by my regular doctor. Immediately Dr. Gemelas was able to get the right testing an ultimately diagnosis in place. I've also seen Kate for acupuncture who helped with a knee injury and she completely eliminated the issue and pain. Most recently I've started to work with their new nutritionalist Olivia who has been helping me understand nutrition and my new dietary requirements (based on what Dr. Gemelas identified) that I've had a difficult time working through. This place is amazing. Do not hesitate to go if you've been thinking about it."

"I've lost 12 pounds in the past five weeks, feel better and have more energy than ever, and have already cleared up a lot of the gut issues I'd been having."

"My introduction to Aligned's team was a series of visits with Dr. Hehmeyer. After some unfortunate luck and some misdiagnoses from other Chicago nutritionists, I gave Aligned a try. I wish I would have sooner! She listened to all of my problems and used nothing but a standard panel of blood labs to diagnose me with adrenal burnout/fatigue. She coaxed me off the ledge of hardcore veganism back into omnivorism which I'm convinced was the major turning point in my healing. I also had some gut disbiosis and instead of wanting to put me on antibiotics like the other professionals I'd seen, she worked out a long term plan with me, using vitamins and food to heal. It took about a year for my body to reach equilibrium (to put this in perspective, I had been sick for about three and a half years prior), and now I see Dr. Hehmeyer for routine bi-annual checkins. My gut is balanced. My hormones are balanced. And I really found what foods will and won't work for me."

"The staff is simply outstanding! Any questions or inquiries I had regarding alignment and methods of rehabilitating my back were all answered with thorough, elaborate responses from the knowledgeable staff!! I will be a life-long customer for Aligned Modern Health!

This was my first time having to have alignment done, and I could not be happier as a patient! Upstanding individuals with genuine smiles on their faces! They also offered yoga and other great stuff. AND they do art shows! This place is outstanding!!"

"I had an amazing experience with Aligned Modern Health!  The office space has a great layout with cool artwork everywhere making it very welcoming.  As soon as I arrived, Brian greeted me in a warm and friendly manner.  Brian also took care of scheduling follow up visits and everything related to billing."

"Best chiropractor I have ever had - I seriously wish Jeremy was in Seattle where I live! I was here in Chicago on business and my mid back seized and I was in severe pain! Jeremy has brought me back to normal. Thank you!"