Dr. Parisa Samsami, DC

Doctor of Functional Medicine

Whether you want to eliminate pain, increase your energy, or address unresolved symptoms of existing health concerns, our team is ready to work with you to create a roadmap for optimal wellness.

License/title and certifications:

  • Bachelor’s degree in kinesiology from the University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign
  • Doctorate of Chiropractic

About Dr. Samsami

Dr. Parisa Samsami leads the Functional Medicine and Clinical Nutrition team at Aligned Modern Health’s Vernon Hills and Evanston locations. She graduated from the National University of Health Sciences (Lombard) as a Chiropractic Physician in 2017 and is pursuing a second board certification and diplomate from the American Board of Chiropractic Internists. She combines her background of chiropractic medicine, human nutrition, and functional medicine to partner with her patients to build healthy lifestyles and to help them achieve their goals as naturally as possible.


What are you most passionate about professionally? Personally?

Professionally, I am passionate about educating patients about their health and helping them achieve optimal wellness through natural strategies. Personally, all of the above as well as protecting our Earth and saving animals from endangerment and extinction.

What three traits define you?

Caring, motivated, and easy going.

What would you do even if you didn’t get paid to do it?

I love learning new things. I would continue to read, study, and research about Functional Medicine and Clinical Nutrition even if I wasn’t paid to do it.

What are you surprisingly good at?

My parallel parking skills continue to amaze me. And I’m surprisingly good at sketching & drawing people.

What’s one thing you couldn’t live without?

Music. Music is so therapeutic, you can find something for every mood and occasion, and I love discovering music from different cultures.  

What’s the biggest proof that you’re good at what you do?

When a patient walks out of the appointment more educated about their health than when they walked in, or when they are in tears because they haven’t felt this well in a long time. 

What’s your biggest accomplishment?

Graduating with my Doctorate in Chiropractic Medicine. So far, that is my greatest accomplishment.

Do you have any family members or pets to include in your bio?

My Persian cat Luna. She is the sweetest fluff ball, every night I play hide & seek with her and she loves it. I’m a crazy cat lady.

Do you have any other passions of personal goals that you would like to share?

If I wasn’t practicing Functional medicine, I would love to be a pianist like Beethoven.

Share something unique that most people don’t know about you

In my spare time I watch documentaries on Netflix and go to the gym. I always feel better after a good workout, and I love learning discovering new information through documentaries. I’m not so much a book person, but I’m trying to get into it.

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Everyone here is so kind and knowledgeable! I have never loved any healthcare location like I love Aligned Modern Health!

Katie June 12, 2019


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